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Thumbs Up

What our clients say

The personal view of someone revering from illness:

“My Health Creation Mentor was a lifeline for me when I was ill. She was a bright inspirational guide who led me back into whole hearted, healthy life.”
“FG” – Essex

The workplace view from a London Hospital:

“Health Creation was a great challenge for our organisation as our initial Life Energy Factor was only 45%. This fitted with how demoralised we felt as a team. Clearly there was a lot of work to do. Our team bonded strongly through the process, overriding previous tensions. We felt empowered to plan and implement positive changes. We now have a much healthier culture of cooperation, a great by-product of the effective Health Creation methodology”.
“RH” – Senior Manager London

The trainee view:

“The Health Creation Mentor Training was a profound experience. It was a breath of fresh air – revealing, energizing, fun and uplifting. No effort was spared as we went to the core of what makes us come alive and what makes us sick and most importantly, how to change damaging patterns of behaviour.”
“RT” –  Leeds