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Enjoying the sun

Welcome to Personal Health Creation

We are here to lead you back to full health and vitality

Health Creation is a positive approach to health and wellbeing that moves us out of passive dependence on healthcare into a proactive responsibility for the creation of our health, enabling us to live and work at our full potential in harmony with ourselves, each other and the planet.

Your Health Creation journey can start with:

  • The Picture of Health self-assessment exercise
  • The Personal Diagnostic – an hour of mentor time to interpret it
  • Or you can jump right into the Health Creation Programme Online, either yourself or with the support of a monthly Mentor session by telephone or Skype
  • You can also join our Health Creation community by signing up for free membership, to stay in touch with us and receive information and invitations to our events. This will create for you a personal dashboard on which you can track your Health Creation journey.


Our individual clients come to us from all walks of life and at all ages. They may have suffered a serious illness and want to prevent it happening again. Others may be “healthy” but at risk of lifestyle illness and wishing to have more energy and vitality.

Most of us in the Western world are only living at around fifty per cent of our potential energy. As our energy level drops, so does our confidence, self-esteem and ability to achieve what we want in life.

Health Creation has developed a unique, evidence based online assessment tool called the “Picture of Health” from this you will receive immediate feedback and see your current ‘Life Energy Factor’. Your Life Energy Factor is a measure of how your lifestyle and habits are affecting the energy that you have available for life, work and play. In addition you will be able to see how well you are caring for yourself in body, mind, spirit and environment and the likely causes of imbalance, unhappiness and low energy levels.

The Health Creation Programme is a workbook to accompany our mentorship service and is designed to help avoid illnesses now and in the future – it involves taking action now before illness arises, but if it has, dealing with it in a proactive way which addresses the root causes, paving the way to restored health and vitality and an exciting new lease of life.