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Health Creation in Healthcare

Protecting our healthcare professionals who love and care for our families

Medical Director – Dr Rosy Daniel

Hospitals, NHS personnel, doctors and health care organisations use our services in:

  • Achieving national strategic objectives and regional kite-marks for health
  • Measuring the effectiveness of current health and wellbeing provision
  • Devising a health and wellbeing strategy that directly benefit staff?
  • Giving staff the opportunity to personally assess and improve their own health and wellbeing and working environment
  • Discovering where current ways of working are unhealthy and replacing them with healthier ones
  • Giving Senior Leaders ‘One to One’ health mentorship to build strength and resilience
  • Identifying and giving support to vulnerable or ill staff so that they can flourish and avoid absence?


For professional help to create your bespoke Health and Wellbeing Strategy contact:
Dr Rosy Daniel or call her secretary Abigail Dicks to make an appointment on 01225 745737

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