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The Corporate Picture of Health


The Staff Picture of Health is made from all the individual results of your employees collated together anonymously to get a picture of the healthiness of the staff as a whole. You will then have both a visual impression of where staff are currently strong and vulnerable in their health and wellbeing and also a numeric value known as the ‘Staff Life Energy Factor’. This gives you a benchmark upon which to base the creation of your Health Creation Action Plan and a way to evaluate the impact of your efforts, pre and post intervention. This invaluable tool can also be used to assess the effectiveness of your current Health and Wellbeing provision if you are already well down this road of positive healthcare for staff.
With the results of Staff Picture of Health our Health Creation Consultants will offer you guidance and coaching through the creation and implementation of your Action Plan over six months. At the end of this time, these diagnostics will be repeated, demonstrating the improvements that have been made through your Health Creation Programme.
Based on 15 years of research our unique Staff Picture of Health online assessment tool measures the ‘healthiness’ of your organisation and your people showing:

  • Individuals what is undermining their ability to work well
  • Organisations what is undermining their productivity and profits


With these diagnostics in place you can:

  • Understand the organisational root cause of personal illness, depression and anxiety
  • Understand the causes of workplace stress, demotivation and loss of team spirit
  • Form a sustainable, tailor-made health and wellbeing strategy
  • Meet corporate wellness objectives and relevant health and wellbeing charters
  • Improve the loyalty, service and productivity of staff
  • Achieve the Health Creation Award for Health at Work